The Journey Begins

This is all new to me. For years, I have wanted to post and share my day to day journey with others. It was my sister, who once encouraged me to do this. My husband would often listen while I just poured my daily ups and downs of a modern house wife. It has been years(11 to be exact)since I have worked outside of our home. I enjoyed the time my son was at home and now he is off on his own and my husband and I are here and I often prayed what it is that I could do here at home that served purpose in God’s eyes.

I am praying now that I have begun this blog, that I stay faithful, not only to God, but to the things that He has called me to do. This journey has been a long one and I am learning so many things about what it is to be a keeper of the home and how it all ties into God’s plan for my husband and I. We raised our son the best we knew and are grateful that in this season we are still together working together for His Glory!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton



Taking it all day by day

Well today is Wednesday. I don’t have much planned for the day, but to get some more grocery shopping done. I usually shop daily, that way I can get out and about and see what is going on in my community. I had to run hubby into work again this morning. The mechanic who is working on his truck can’t seem to get it going. I am hoping some solution will come about that won’t be costly.

I didn’t blog yesterday because I just forgot. This is so new to me. I had asked my son to help me set it up so that I can be more creative while writing. I decided that I would take things day by day. My son said that I would need some type of software. I am certain that as the days go by that I will get better at it. I am not trying to impress anyone, and to be honest this is for me as well. I see it like a public journal. I plan to blog 5 days out of the week so that can change from day to day. I wish you all a safe and Blessed Wednesday! 🤗



Happy Monday!

Today is Monday and it is a beautiful sunny and cool Fall day. I can tell that we are getting closer to Winter, even though the leaves are still a bit green. This past weekend was pretty good, and hubby and I did some shopping at Wally World and attended 1st service yesterday. We have connected with some other couples from church and meet every Sunday evening for Bible study and fellowship. I have to run hubby into work this morning and then I will do a little grocery shopping. I have a load of laundry to do as well and thought I might prepare my version of shepherd’s pie for supper. That is it for now and I wish everyone a safe and Blessed Monday! 😊

An ordinary day.

When I woke up this morning, I was thankful for a new day. The weather is getting much cooler the closer we get to Winter. I actually enjoy it! I started out with prayer and then reset my alarm for 8am. I had to drive my husband into work this morning due to his truck is still in the shop. I am actually enjoying our time while driving him in. He starts after sunrise so it gives us a chance to warm up a bit. He asked me if I wanted coffee this morning. I declined. I just wasn’t in the coffee mood.

After dropping Will off this morning, I stopped by the local farm market here. It is a tourist attraction and just located a half of a mile west from our home. We live in rural south central PA and are blessed to be surrounded by all this agricultural goodness! It took some time for my high sensitivity to the country air to adjust. I am going to prepare some salmon patties along with baked Idaho potatoes and a caesar salad. I thought I would prepare a remoulade sauce to go along with the salmon.

Just a real chill Friday. My husband may have to go into work tomorrow just to do one run. He is an over the road truck  driver so at times he works long hours during the week and sometimes if he has enough hours available he will pull a weekend. I hope that this will find everyone who may find this blog doing well. Blessings!